Meet our 20m² to 40m² room size air purifiers

Colour codes indicate the air quality

The current air quality is indicated in a three-colour code via LED. Monitors the air quality with a fine dust and VOC odour sensor – for perfect indoor air in automatic mode. Enabling AP140 PRO to ensure perfect indoor air quality in auto mode.

EBA Shredders

AP 30 Air Purifier


Innovative features

Intelligent Air Quality Sensor, Automatic Mode, Optionally selectable PlasmaWave® ­system, Active Illuminated Display, Variable Speeds, Intelligent Light Sensor.


Captures even remoter dust or smoke particles and distributes fresh air optimally through the room.

Handy Remote Control.

Makes simple operation even more convenient. For distances of up to 6 metres.

Simple Filter Change.

TA filter change display guarantees constant air quality. The practical filter cassette can be changed simply and quickly.

and weight

Height: 550 mm 
Width: 415 mm
Depth: 220 mm
Weight: 7 kg

AP 30 Pro Air Purifier


Perfectly engineered 

The compact high-performance model combines straight-forward design with highly efficient air cleaning. In addition, they offer high running smoothness and a low level of energy consumption.

Status indicator
The current air quality is indicated in a three-colour code via LED in the Easy-Touch panel.

Best technology for pure air

High performance 360° filter
The high performance 360° filter consists of a fine mesh prefilter, true HEPA filter and a layer with a very high activated carbon portion. Due to the circular design, the whole filter surface is optimally utilized. Optional textile cover.

and weight

AP30 Pro
Height: 398 mm
Width: 255 mm
Depth: 298 mm
Weight: 3,6 kg